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Strongbird Affordable Folding Room Dividers Solutions

Looking for a do-it-all solution to separate various spaces? Lack of privacy indoors or out? Want to add visual interest to your space? Strongbird’s folding room dividers help you separate space for each function at a very low cost. Outdoor settings such as enjoy extra time in the garden or courtyard,patio or swimming pool for fitness,etc.,both need add some privacy to protect you from the view. Provide all-around mobility in any office, hotel, lobby, or classroom, creating a variety of layouts such as C-shape, L-shape, or straight. Now only place an order online for free and fast US delivery!

Our foldable wall partition is aluminum alloy hinges with sturdy and durable, each panel can be opened and closed more times at the same time. More flexibility than other partitions, layout any size and shape you want to fit the space. The thickened felt board also provide some sound isolation, helping to realize any imaginable design of your space.

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Strongbird® folding room dividers, 5 panels

Starting At $699.99

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Strongbird® partition screens custom design

Starting At $329.00

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What Is Foldable Room Dividers?

Foldable room dividers, also known as privacy screen, are the most affordable movable partition. Each panel can be folded individually and quickly, and open, collapse and store in a matter of minutes, to realize free adjustment of space. From homes to commercial offices to classrooms, folding room dividers are infinitely versatile.

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Strongbird – Best Folding Partition Screens

Strongbird offers high-quality folding screen partitions at best prices to create separate spaces in a room. Our dividers are 5 panels with 6’7″ height,black, grey or customized.

  • All-round hinges – Each panel to rotate full degrees
  • Casters with locking brakes on all freestanding room dividers
  • Safer and stronger all-aluminum frame structure
  • Fabric panels – Reusable thick felt panels for display boards
  • Free shipping on US orders with a 2-year factory direct warranty

Benefits of Strongbird Folding Room Dividers

– multipurpose division solutions for flexibly reshape space

Fully foldable – takes up little space

The screen partition can fold the panels into different angles or shapes according to actual needs. Without using foldable divider wall with easily folded for place in the storage room or others, saving space and making your room more spacious and tidy.

Multi-functional space utilization

One space can be used for multiple purposes by simply readjusting the partitions, such as create a new learning area in a classroom, change the office layout or repurpose living room space, create a temporary event in the event center. Lightweight and easy to move for different sizes events held at different times of the day.


Realize free inspiration

Divider screens are not only functional but also beautiful. Freely express your creativity for temporary photo exhibitions, a choice of panels in different colors and print pattern to to suit personal aesthetic requirements and the overall design style of your space. With decorative items such as balloons and stickers during festive events to add some atmosphere and beauty to any space.

Perfect privacy protection

The foldable of partitions can quickly reshape space layout to improve privacy for areas within larger rooms and provide much-needed flexibility. It can effectively isolate the space, protect everyone’s privacy, and hide the clutter in the office. Able to avoid building expensive walls and provide some visual aesthetics to the workspace.

Money and time savings with folding room dividers

Compared with high costs for installing track-mounted accordion doors and room dividers, with a foldable partition walls, there is no need to experience the stress over codes or fees and able to separate spaces anytime.

Folding screens are easy to set up, move and store on your own,and fit elegantly into any office, hotel, classroom, commercial or home. Easy and quick installation or removal to save even more time with no installation costs or disruption to daily activities.

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How Does Foldable Room Dividers Work?

Need More Flexibility in Your Space Today? no matter the space size, building or business type, any facility,folding room dividers make the difference

Strongbird’s folding partitions can easily solve various problems that people face in business, living space, public places, etc. Its portability, safety, versatility, and decoration for every industry location.

Whether commercial office, restaurant, cafes, hotel, business and government, or home living room, bedroom, study, or even exhibition center, conference room, school, churches, hospital, etc.

It lets anyone instantly make the most of their space, also great for temporary or short-term use.

  • Divide larger spaces into smaller ones as needed
  • Create a temporary private space environment
  • Reduce noise and visual impact
  • Hide equipment or cluttered areas
  • Aid in crowd control
  • Display artwork and documents
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What are the strongbird room dividers?

There are folding room dividers, mobile screens, decorative partition screens, etc. Available in a variety of colours, sizes or or customized to help you plan any space. If you have any questions, our team is here to help, so be sure to reach out to .

Is shipping free for my US order?

Yes, for US orders, we ship from our warehouses in the USA with free standard delivery. Place online order now and enjoy our partition screens!

How much does folding room dividers cost?

Our folding room dividers start at $699.99, high-quality and affordable, helping you divide space at a very low cost, and re-use portable divider wall can solve different space issue.

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