Strongbird® Portable Mobile Room Divider on Locking Wheels, Fabric Panels


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Product Information

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Panel Material: Fabric
  • Uses: Partition, Privacy, Room Creation, Speration
  • Mounting Type: Freestanding & Floor-standing
  • Special Feature: Portable, Privacy, Foldable
  • Room Type: Office, Classroom, Gym, Library, Hospital,Church, etc.
Core features
  • Reusable Materials, Eco-Friendly
  • More Stable and Sturdy Design
  • Diversification Options
  • Adjusted To individual Needs

All aluminum frame, strong and durable. Felt panels with a certain thickness, smaller sound absorption effect can be achieved. Whole product can be recycled, refusing to waste resources

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Freestanding Temporary Room Separator, Portable Partitions for Office, Home, Commercial

anywhere, anytime you need them with portable room dividers on wheels set up in just seconds.

  • 3, 4, 5, 6 panel partition, can be in a straight line, L shape or U shape.
  • Maximum length is 3.83m when in a straight line, two heights – 1.2m, 2m.
  • Available in 6 different fabric colours – Beige, Black, Grey, White, Blue and Light Grey.

Featured Details

portable room dividers durable panel

Stable and Durable Panels Frame

Aluminum alloy frame is tightly wrapped around the fabric panels to make it flatter and protect the panels from easy deformation.

aluminum alloy base end frame

Wide end frame

The base end frame of aluminum alloy is wide enough for a low center of gravity closer to the floor to share the weight of the partition panels evenly, prevent the panel from tilting and sagging.

multiple support bases frame

Multiple Support Bases

Multiple support points have been added to the corners and center of the bottom of each panel toensure the lockable room dividers is more stable.

Reuseable Felt Board

Our felt board of portable room divider has a certain thickness, allowing you to pin important notes, memos, or visual aids, double as display board. Not only that also recyclable and reusable as well, and environment friendly.

Aluminum Hinges

The hinge made of aluminum alloy is strong and durable and can bear more opening and closing at the same time. Foldable at 90 degrees front and back, and lets you place the screen in any shape you want.

Universal Wheels

The universal wheels with locking brakes allow for quick and easy space rearrangement, adapting to changing needs, and promoting flexibility in the working or learning environment.

Can Be Connected Extension

Each package of portable room divider contains extra connection pieces for the use of unlimited extension in large space.

Perfect For Office

By portable room dividers on wheels, you can create a variety of shapes according to your need. These partitions and dividers freestanding is great for creating temporary office workstations, or classroom areas due to their unlimited arrangement possibilities.

Space Division

The portable wall divider can blend well into any scene. At work, a privacy partition can bring you safety and a non-interruption work atmosphere while you need to focus. At home, it can be a perfect work background to help you cover all the mess and try to be professional when there’s an emergency time.

Optimize Room Area

This versatile functionality transforms the divider into a dynamic communication hub, fostering collaboration, organization, and creativity.

Effortless Mobility

It allows for quick and easy space rearrangement, adapting to changing needs and promoting flexibility in the working or learning environment.

Versatile & Sophisticated

 Whether you need to create separate workstations, partition off meeting areas, or establish quiet zones within a shared space, this divider’s flexible configuration options provide a tailored solution.


strongbird_black panel_portable room dividers on wheels
Portable Room Dividers
Color (Choosable):
Black/Grey/White/Blue/Beige/Light Grey
Height (Choosable):
Width (Choosable):
Width Extension:
Can Be Fully Folded:
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strongbird_white folding room dividers
Folding Room Dividers
Color (Choosable):
Black/Grey/White/Blue/Beige/Light Grey
Width Extension:
Can Be Fully Folded:
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Additional information

Select Color

Black, Grey, White, Blue, Beige, Light Grey

Select Width

6'4", 8'5", 10'6", 12'7"

Select Height

6'7", 3'11"


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