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School & Classroom Screen Dividers, Partitions Wall
1. Quickly divide your classroom as you wish, anytime
2. Create flexible learning spaces for different courses
3. Create additional classroom space for group activities to facilitate communication
4. Enhance privacy, minimize distractions in class, and help students focus
5. Display student work or information to facilitate teaching

school & classroom room dividers

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The thickened felt panels are wear-resistant and long-lasting, eco-friendly and reused, easily clean.

Mobile Partitions Walls

beige mobile office partition
  • Portable partition screen on wheels
  • 1.2m, 2m high,etc. 3, 4, 5, 6 panels
  • Configurable in any shape or straight line
  • Width extension

From US$329.00

Folding Screen Dividers

grey folding office divider
  • Folding partition walls on wheels
  • Up to 2m high and 5 panels long
  • Configurable straight or any layout
  • Fully folded for storage

From US$699.99

Why Use Room Partitions to Create Classroom You Need ?

Portable school partitions are one of the most cost-effective solutions and are widely used in educational environments, suitable for preschool, daycare rooms, children’s mini playgrounds, children’s reading corners, classroom laboratory, school exhibition corridors, universities and more. Create temporary classrooms and flexible spaces in large open spaces and underutilized areas to fully manage classroom layouts and maximize space use.

In classroom and school design, easily divide a room into multiple classrooms to create a functional and flexible learning environment. Use our mobile partition walls to configure a variety of temporary layouts: “L”, “U”, straight or curved shapes and so on.

blue panel divider display

Create flexible learning spaces

Preschool students have a variety of teaching activities, and if they build a classroom for each activity, the school needs a high budget. Room dividers efficiently utilize available square footage, make educators to quickly adjust classroom size and layout as course needs and student populations change.

To meet the school’s diverse teaching, such as children’s painting, handicrafts, reading, performance, music classes, etc.

Create quiet zones

Create designated quiet areas within the classroom to help students can focus on homework or reading without interruption.

Separate the classroom into an independent audio-visual space for playing educational videos, music , story , etc., let children better concentrate and participate in audio-visual learning.


Display teaching information

Room dividers can be moved to schools public areas or corridors and fixed on boards with stickers, thumbtacks, etc. to display student works, educational materials, or informational posters, etc.

Display all students’ work on two or more sides to fully showcase students’ creativity and achievements, making the overall classroom environment attractive and promoting active student participation.

Facilitate learning exchanges

Our portable partitions quickly and affordably create temporary classrooms. Multiple partitions can be combined to create large study spaces, and locking casters hold each classroom partition to help minimize noise transmission. Students interact and discuss with each other in separate spaces without disturbance.

Strongbird_blue room partition panel

Provision of temporary art wall

Create instant exhibits with straight line layouts to display artwork from children’s drawings to professional photography. Easy to install and dismantle, they are extremely useful when several events are taking place in the same space at the same time.

Converting a classroom into a temporary art gallery is a more convenient and cost-effective solution that can change the flow of the room and is easy to view as art display panels.

Best Office Layout Design

  • Determine the space requirements and layout, and portable room partitions can be flexibly adjusted into straight , curves, L-shapes, U-shapes, etc.
  • Choose the size, height, material and style of the screen partition for your needs to ensure coordination with the overall office environment.
Strongbird_room divider_portable partition screen_grey
strongbird_outdoor privacy screen_black

Choose Different Layout Options to Divide Your Office

Portable screen partitions are an affordable way to create privacy, free-standing mobile room dividers can form temporary walls.Place partitions at any angle that suits your layout or team’s needs, and you can remove or adjust quickly as needed.

  • Straight layout: Place mobile screens along straight lines to delineate work areas parallel to the original layout. Choose different heights to place between desks or workstations.
  • L-shaped layout: Place two screen divider on on both sides or one side and back of the desktop in an L-shape, to provide staff with a level of privacy and concentration while maintaining an open feel.
  • U-shaped layout: Place three mobile screens in a U-shape on the back and sides of the desktop to define a relatively closed work area and provide a more private work space.

Mobile partition walls allow for flexible adjustment and placement for different work needs and office space size. Consider your employees’ personal privacy and teamwork needs, as well as ensuring the layout doesn’t impede workflow and communication. Panels on wheels help you quickly create areas for quiet discussions in your workspace.

Where Are School & Classroom Dividers Suitable For?

Classroom partitions, including portable partitions, are suitable for various educational environments where flexible space management and privacy needs are required. Our portable partitions are low-budget compared to permanent room dividers, making your school’s space more practical.

By placing divider walls in school, you can create designated learning spaces within classrooms and learning centers, dynamic art display walls, reduce noise, or maximize classroom space. The thickened felt panel is durable and the caster wheels enhance mobility and school dividers can be installed anywhere.

  • Traditional classroom
  • Kindergarten
  • Daycare room
  • Art room
  • Multifunctional hall
  • Gymnasium and corridors
  • Library
  • Reading room
  • Dance room
  • Music or drama rehearsal room
  • Laboratory
  • Computer classroom

Strongbird Portable Walls and Versatile Classroom Partitions

Questions? Please contact Strongbird immediately, we can help you find the best solution for your space.

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