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What Is a Folding Room Partition?

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Folding room partition, also known as accordion partition, are movable partitions that can be folded and unfolded to divide space as needed. It consists of multiple panels or sections connected by hinges or joints, to fold and open in an accordion-like fashion. Folding partition wall helps you maximize space while protect privacy and reducing noise , great for your room space ideas.

Where to use folding partition screens?

Usually folding room dividers for residential and commercial , flexible for use in schools, libraries, exhibition centers, restaurants, community centers and more to create temporary divisions within a space or to divide into smaller sections, easily relocated or moved around.

  • Used in office spaces, easily transforming any space as the office moves and adapts.
  • Use in living spaces, such as a home office or playroom, to create separate areas for different activities, or to add a modern element to the panels as interior decoration.
  • Used in classroom spaces, divide large classrooms into multiple small classrooms for different course needs and activities. For example, in libraries, create quiet reading areas and communication learning areas by foldable screen panels layout.
  • Used in church spaces, folding partition panels completely form an enclosed space, providing privacy and quiet, such as group discussions, prayer rooms or consultation rooms. Use it as a background wall for different events, such as weddings, children’s Sunday school or music rehearsals, etc.

–Foldable room divider in any different industries and occasions with endless possibilities .You can realize your any space layout ideas.


Folding partitions are a multifunctional and practical solution, available in various materials such as fabric, glass, wood, acrylic, etc., to meet various functional requirements of sound insulation, visual opacity, and space saving, move partitions easily on wheels when not in use.

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