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Portable Room Divider: The Buying Guide

Where to buy portable room divider? Looking for the ideal partition wall for your space? Messy at home? Noisy office? Frequently hold various temporary events? Dividers screens can easily help you solve all your troubles. It can provide privacy, flexibility and convenience, and multi-functions to meet your space partition needs, and also add a unique decorative background to your indoor environment.

Strongbird easily helps you find the right solution for your needs, add to cart and place your online order today! Free shipping for US orders!

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Strongbird Portable Partitions

Different styles of room dividers are available in our store, our stylish modern design, both aesthetically pleasing and highly practical for best suit your home or work style partition.

Whether you want to build a cozy reading nook, separate a shared bedroom, or just add a decorative element, Strongbird room dividers are perfect. Purchase online or contact us Now!

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Strongbird® Portable Room Dividers

US$329.00 – US$769.99

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Custom Room Dividers Design

US$100.00 — US$699.99

Why Choose Strongbird Room Divider | Superior-Quality Material, Profitable Price!

Buy room dividers at Strongbird and note what, we guide you in quality, price, logistics, installation and so on.

Great Quality-robust and durable, First Class Construction

Strongbird- high-quality commercial-grade room dividers supplier, made of aluminum alloy, great fabric material, sleek look, stable structure can prevent the screen from tilting or collapsing, to ensure the safety of use.

  • The frame is made of strong aluminum alloy for high compression resistance and durability, long time use without easy deformation.
  • The panel is well made with thick felt board, and can be used as a push pin display board, also keeps some noise out.
  • The panel adopts aluminum alloy hinges, with folding angles of 90 degrees or full angle, the divider can be folded into many different shapes to suit different needs. It folds nice and flat, and it’s easy to push out of the way.
  • The partition with wide base and universal wheels with locking brakes, the wheels glide so smoothly. It rolls and folds effortlessly, even on carpet.
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Price of Partition Wall

Strongbird sells high-end portable room partitions online, focus on manufacturing partitions for several years, cheaper price compared to others, factory direct price starts at $329. We support online payment of Paypal and all credit cards. Whether your space sizes, we have different options, to create your own space, help you provide the best solution at a profitable price.

Free Shipping (US ONLY)

Our products are best selling, shipping out in 1-3 business days with in stock, free shipping for US orders, provide a 30-day return policy and 2-year warranty.

Strongbird also provides customized and wholesale service, you can tell us your idea, we will offer you the affordable price. Be sure to contact for more information, or to ask any questions, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

How to Install Portable Room Divider?

Assemble is very easy, panels are tightly connected to each other and the walls pre assembled. Just follow the instructions and add the wheel brackets to the base. ● Strongbird Portable Room Divider Installation Video

Strong flexibility and removable walls, space saving and create comfort in a free-standing space– For example

  • Use one panel as a fixed doorway to in and out. With the other wheels locked, it’s stable and sturdy, and can better protect personal privacy.
  • The room is divided into different functions, choose the appropriate color of the partition panel, with matching decorations to serve as an excellent backdrop, adding to the overall beauty of the space.
  • Use in portable temporary spaces such as art exhibits, classrooms, triage areas,etc.,and easily pin notes and items in place without leaving obvious marks or holes.

Room dividers are also important to choose, the right space dividers are affordability, flexibility and multi-function. In addition to matching your style design, it can also provide you with more convenience:

  • Create specific spaces (e.g. dressing areas, home offices)
  • Change the room layout as straight, curves, L-shaped, U-shaped, etc.
  • Create a cozy nook in a larger space
  • Add colorful and decorative elements
  • Display artwork, family travel photos, and more
  • Hide clutter and create storage areas
Reduce Noise in Open Offices

FAQ: Whatever your purpose, consider the following when purchasing:

Size: How big is the space you plan to use? How much size do you need: height, width, number of panels?

We have two types of room partitions, portable: 1.2m, 2m high, different panel options such as 3, 4, 5, 6, etc., width extension; folding: 2m high, 5 panels, can be completely folded; customized size is also available

Style: What’s Your Interior Design? What color do you need to choose to match your style?

Black, grey, white, blue, beige, etc. can also custom colors

Materials: Does it need to be strong, durable and easy to clean? Need ease of use and portability?

– Fabric panel and aluminum alloy frame, thickened felt panel can block light and reduce noise.
– Simply wipe the surface when cleaning.
– Universal wheels with lockers can stand firmly on the floor, and open and close easily move it anywhere.

Storage: Need easy storage?

The foldable partition screen can be full folded , can be opened and stored easily, and can be slid anywhere with wheels.

Is shipping free for my US order?

Yes, for US orders, we ship from our warehouses in the USA with free standard delivery. Place online order now and enjoy our partition screens!

Help You Create Your Private Space, Anywhere

Strongbird® offer you a wide range of space solutions, help you organize space flexibly.

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