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Flexible Design for Your Limitless Space Layout Ideas

Fabric room divider is available in different materials and various types such as curtains, sliding partition, movable screen panels, etc. A practical and lightweight solution for dividing or separating large spaces into multifunctional smaller spaces. Mobile fabric room partitions with highly flexible, you can move to any area in minutes to adjust to the layout you want, offering endless possibilities for your customized space.

Strongbird’s fabric room partitions include portable partitions and all-round foldable room dividers. Strong and durable, made of thickened felt cloth material and edged with high-quality aluminum alloy frames. Featuring flexible rotating hinges for the panels to be set a variety of different configurations. Reinforced crossbars of longer lengths keep the screen stable and not easily collapsed after multiple heavy-duty pushes and pulls. A factory specializes in building superior quality products with affordable prices, ranging from US$329.00 to US$769.99, and also provides you with wholesale customization.

Strongbird® fabric portable room divider

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Strongbird® fabric folding room divider

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Strongbird® custom fabric screen partition

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Choose the Right Fabric Partition for Your Room

Our fabric partitions are made from high-quality materials at affordable prices, with aluminum frames and hinges, thick felt panels and locking caster wheels. But many factors to consider before purchasing a partition wall.

  1. Measure the space dimensions (height, width and length)
  2. Whether sound dampening or sound reflecting qualities
  3. Easy and quick installation method
  4. Budget for partition walls
  5. Cleaning and maintenance costs

Aluminum Alloy Structure

Aluminum alloy material is stable, durable and corrosion-resistant.

  • The aluminum alloy frame is lightweight and strong with compact structure, and can effectively protect and reinforce the fabric panel to avoid wear, tear or deformation.
  • Aluminum alloy hinges can be used to connect the partition panels firmly/sturdily, and not easily damaged by frequent folding and unfolding when the space layout is frequently changed.
  • The extra-long legs can withstand some pressure and weight to keep the partition stable as astrong support.

Thickened Felt Panel

The thickened felt panels are made of high-quality fabrics, eco-friendly and reused.

It can block light transmission, reduce indoor noise interference, and create an independent and private space for you. The thickened felt is wear-resistant, long-lasting, and easy to clean and maintain.

Thickened Felt Panel
Locking Universal Wheels

Locking Universal Wheels

Fabric screen partitions is portable and easy to move with locking caster wheels, you can easily move the partition from one place to anywhere.

Locking wheels can fix the position of the partition to prevent it from moving by accidental touch and causing accidental collision of children, or you can meet one of the panels as a partition door.

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The Benefits of Fabric Screen Room Divider

Compared with other types of room partitions, fabric partitions are usually light-weight and move easily. With independent and highly portable design, convenient for flexible use and layout of space at any time and place, but not a complete sound insulation solution.

If you want to transform your work or living space into a relaxing and inspiring peaceful area , fabric room partitions can be incorporated into the interior design with a variety of colors. Can also help absorb sound and have some benefits not possible with fixed walls or more permanent partitioning solutions.

Flexible Privacy

If you want to enjoy a separate private space, you can place fabric room dividers at the edge of the area that needs to be isolated, effectively dividing it into different areas. Fully unfolding a room divider acts as a screen to block the view, creating more privacy. When you need more open space, you can fold it or move it aside.

Portable & Stable

Each fabric panel with wheels easily move to your desired location that roll smoothly on any flat indoor surface. And use foot pedals or manual adjustments to lock the wheels at designated locations to ensure that the room divider remains stable during use.

Cost Effective

Fabric partitions are affordable and practical, creating space separation without the need for permanent installation or expensive building modifications. In daily use, cleaning and maintenance are simple to help you save a lot of time and cost, just wipe the fabric surface.


Fabric room dividers as a space divider, temporary wall, privacy screen or decorative item to provide flexible and diverse functions for the space. Provides additional interior storage space for books, magazines, folders or other small items. As a background screen wall to hide unsightly areas (e.g. electrical panels, counterweights, waste bins, etc.).

Can fabric room dividers effectively provide privacy in a room?

Fabric room dividers can effectively protect the privacy of a room, help define separate areas within a larger space, and increase the comfort and security of the occupants. Fabric thickness, opacity, and density provide different levels of privacy.

Compared with thin fabrics, thickened felt can reduce light transmittance and block direct sight, making activities inside the room less visible to the outside. Fabric thickness also affects the partition’s weight and ease of installation.

The higher the opacity of the fabric, it can effectively control indoor light penetration. The thickened felt material does not transmit light easily and can effectively separate rooms and provide better privacy.

High-density fabrics can reduce the transmission of sound and have a certain sound insulation effect. The thickened felt panel has a more delicate texture, durability and is not easy to break.

When to Use Fabric Partition Screens?

Fabric partitions are one of the most ideal portable room dividers , also as folding divider walls to provide more privacy and easy space management in any living or working environment.

  • Set up in an open office space to create temporary meeting rooms or separate workspaces.
  • Use as classroom divider walls, create small group study areas, act as a visual and sound barrier.
  • Used in exhibitions to divide different exhibition areas and display different works of art.
  • Divide the living room into different areas to provide a quiet dining environment.

Enjoy parties, festive events on the terrace, add decorative elements to the fabric panels to coordinate with the holiday theme or venue decoration to create a pleasant event atmosphere. It helps to isolate the outside view, switch between different activities during the party, and instantly create a mobile, independent and comfortable privacy space.

Where Are Fabric Room Dividers Suitable For?

Fabric partitions for various residential and commercial places, flexibly set up various space layouts to reduce external interference, and provide a more comfortable, private and beautiful environment. Or as a background decorative wall to refresh many spaces, for example:

  • Apartments & Villas
  • Living & Dining room
  • Bedroom
  • kids room
  • Storage Space
  • Study room
  • Yoga room
  • Hotel lobby and rooms
  • Exhibitions & Trade Shows
  • Shopping mall
  • School
  • Libraries
  • Office building or business
  • Retail Store
  • Cafes & Bar
  • Medical institutions

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