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The Most Flexible Solution to Maximize Office Spaces More Efficiently

Commercial & Office Divider, Partitions, Screens
●Divide office space anytime and anywhere
●Create privacy in an open office
●Reduce sound transmission in offices
●Quickly move and reconfigure individual functional work areas
●Use as a display board or discussion area for easier collaboration

commercial office room dividers

Mobile Partitions Walls

beige mobile office partition
  • Portable partition screen on wheels
  • 1.2m, 2m high
  • Thickened fabric panels
  • Aluminum frame structure
  • Configurable in any shape or straight line
  • Width extension

From US$329.00

Foldable Screen Dividers

grey folding office divider
  • Folding partition panles on wheels
  • Up to 2m high and 5 panels long
  • Pinnable fabric surface
  • Aluminum frame structure
  • Configurable in any shape or straight line
  • Fully folded for storage

From US$699.99

Why Use Office Partitions to Create Workspace You Need ?

Commercial portable room partitions are one of the most practical and comfortable solutions, and are more suitable for modern offices. Quickly create temporary work areas or separate spaces by simple movement, while fixed office dividers cannot effectively manage office space.

Strongbird is the most trusted room divider supplier, portable and fully foldable with locking swivel wheels to update a commercial or office space without taking up any floor space, and at a lower price, and reuse can help you save costs.

Flexible and Maximize Office Space

Flexible and Maximize Office Space

Commercial offices are usually divided into different work areas, how to make full use of existing office space, select or customize different panel numbers to adjust space range.The mobile screen can successfully divide a large open space into different areas quickly by simply pushing and pulling. Whether dividing up workspaces for a specific team or creating a breakout area for an entire office, there’s flexibility and simplicity.

Portable partitions can help to easily create multifunctional additional areas such as conference rooms, training rooms, lounges, reception rooms and more. It can also be used as a storage space to hide office clutter and effectively organize and manage office supplies, files and equipment.

Personal Privacy and Space Protection

Staff will handle some sensitive information at work, and the privacy and protection of personal space in the workplace are crucial.In busy open office spaces, mobile office partitions can provide them with a relatively private and comfortable work area, reduce interference,help them better focus on work and improve work efficiency.

Personal Privacy and Space Protection
Reduce Noise in Open Offices

Reduce Noise in Open Offices

For open-plan offices such as call centers or creative studios, the working environment is very important. When the noise is too loud, the workplace will affect the work.

Quickly reshape spaces, control sound transmission, and reduce indoor noise with mobile screen partitions for help create a quiet and comfortable work environment, and improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

Promote Communication and Collaboration

In teamwork, easily move the portable screen to create a teamwork area, and the fabric screen panels can easily fix files and not easy drop.

The double-sided panel can be set up as a whiteboard for easy erasing, improving office collaboration and facilitating creative thinking and discussions among teams.

Promote communication and collaboration
Create Visual Privacy

Create Visual Privacy

Comfortable visual privacy is important in commercial office areas. Mobile room dividers can completely changes the flow of the room, to achieve better lighting and visual effects.

When facing back to the glass floor-to-ceiling windows, strong light will come in and affect the vision, and the fabric opaque material can effectively block the transmission of light.

Flexible reshape your space however you want in a minute

If you need guidance, help to choose or customize commercial office divider partitions for your needs, please contact us immediately and strongbird will provide you with service in time.

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