Portable Office Partitions

Portable Office Partitions

Strongbird portable office partitions are flexible, adjustable and mobile partition systems, available to divide office, home, commercial space, provide privacy and a individual working environment. Generally made up of multiple panels put together, moveable or reconfigurable at will to suit your needs. Optional panels available in 4, 5, 6, 7, height options of 6 ft 7 in, 3 ft 11in. Now place your online order, for fast delivery in the USA!

Strongbird-Portable Office Partitions Walls Information

Panel Height1.2m, 2m high (contain wheels)
Fabric MaterialThickned felt board and opaque
Panel EdgesPowder coated aluminium alloy frame
Colorfabric finish in grey, blue, beige, balck, white, etc.
Features1. Wider & stable base with wheels
2. Aluminum hinges with 180-degrees or full angle rotate freely
Mounting TypeFreestanding and demountable
Office Partition LayoutCreate straight, L-shapes, curved, circles, and more
Recommended UsesModern commercial office or home office

Great purchase! The most affordable aluminum alloy construction partition!

  • Cheap price: Our product prices are $329.00 – $769.99. No additional shipping fee for US orders and shipping out in 1–3 business days! 2-year warranty and return within 30 days. Compared with other brands of aluminum alloy partition screens, we save you about 30 %!
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  • Great quality: Thick fabric material, the wheels glide smoothly, and the frame quality is sturdy and long-last. Used as a barrier for reduce small amounts of noise and is easy to move and maneuver.
  • Great package: The panels come assembled and folded in the box, with all the tools and accessories needed.
  • Easy to Assemble: Detailed instructions and installation video are easy to follow. Simply install the wheel bracket to the base when laying flat.

What Is an Portable Office Partitions?

Portable office partitions, also known as portable office divider, portable office separator or portable office screens, are the perfect solution for creating privacy in an office environment quickly and flexibly.

Different from traditional permanent office walls, they usually consist of partition panels, frames and connectors. Installation and dismantling time and costs are low for office to enjoy instant private workspace at a affordable price.

Portable office partitions are the best choice for commercial spaces when temporary or short-term use is required. It can be easily movable anywhere as needed.

Purpose Of Portable Office Partitions

The primary purpose of portable office partitions is to provide privacy for employees. It makes employees to have a separate work space, helping them focus and be more productive. Placing a 1.2-meter-high fabric partition in front of the workstations can reduce sound transmission and isolate opposite views.

Another purpose of portable office partitions is to re-plan the overall office layout, divide the office into smaller work areas, and easily move to solve the ever-changing needs due to limited space. It is an great space-saving solution for businesses or homes.

Therefore, the overall purpose of portable office dividers in the aesthetic and functional advantages.

Benefits of Portable Office Partitions Wall

Great for Every Space

Now open floor office plans are very common, previous fixed partitions were unable to meet the instant space dividers. A common consideration for businesses is how to create individual spaces in an affordable way.

Portable office partitions are widely used, for offices, school & classrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, commercial and outdoor areas that require privacy, helps you quickly move to create temporary spaces for urgent situational demands.

Fully Folded Panels

Portable wall dividers are highly flexible, can be quickly full folds, and place easily into corners for storage. Every panel normally consists of panels with frames and universal casters, to easily divide the office space into different zones.

Flexible Application

Movable office partitions are an ideal solution with the flexibility to assemble. Each team can separate and layout space to suit their needs, display file holders on the room dividers to improve work efficiency.

If you need office privacy, our 47.2″ height will fit between desks or workstations to create private working spaces.

Durable and Long-lasting

Longer lengths reinforced crossbar keep the screen sturdy and durable, multiple heavy-duty pushes and pulls will not easily collapse, to ensure longevity.

Retractable hinges will keep it in line all the time. Expand or fold as needed to provide flexible space dividers to quickly adapt to different sized rooms.


Different areas of various types of room dividers? We can provide custom space divider solutions. All customized to your requirements to accommodate room dividers of different sizes. Our movable partition walls system of multiple removable wall panels to combine and reconfigure for privacy.

Help You Create Your Private Space,Anywhere

Strongbird® as factory of made high-grade portable partition walls ,we offer you a wide range of space solutions, help you organize space flexibly.

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1. Is shipping free for my US order?

Yes, we ship from our warehouses in the USA with free standard delivery US wide. Order online today!

2. How much do portable office partitions cost?

The cost of portable office partitions varies greatly, the different prices depend on the material, partition type, size, color, installation method, style, frame, and accessories you choose. If you want customization, the price will be higher.

3. Which portable partition is best for office?

Mobile office partitions are one of the most affordable divider wall options for everyone easily without any restrictions. It can save you money, eliminates construction work and time, and successfully solve the problem of resource waste in the office environment.

Mobile office partitions are a multi-purpose product. The same partition can be reused many times, and re-arranged at any time and anywhere to solve different space systems.

4. What are the common applications of portable office partition?

Portable office partitions are widely and usually used to divide open spaces in modern commercial office or home office to divide living room or bedroom into office, create separate work spaces, private offices, conference rooms, etc. And divide living room or bedroom into office to enhance privacy, reduce noise and outside distractions, and maximize free space.

5. Which are the different types of office divider walls?

Portable office partitions are widely and made of a variety of materials. Available in different styles with frameless, framed, including fixed partitions, modular cubicles, detachable dividers, acoustic panels, operable partitions wall, etc.

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