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Affordable Room Divider for Privacy Solutions

Strongbird is one of made room divider suppliers, offers portable high-grade dividers wall. Helping you to customise a variety of styles, panel materials, colours and logo printing to suit your space at unbeatable prices.

Let us help you adapt your office space flexibly and easily!

Factory Direct

strongbird is portable office partition factory,when you order from us,the product is shipped from the USA

Simple to Assemble

Simple to Assemble

Our partition walls with flexible connection buckles ,follow the instructions to complete the assembly.

Clean Easily

Easy to Clean

Fabric partition panels is clean easily,and wipe the cloth stained area with a damp cloth.

Moveable Easily

Moveable Easily

Our portable room dividers are equipped with universal wheels. You can easily move anywhere.

Strongbird Portable Room Divider

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Multi-functional Space Solutions for Your Needs

Strongbird-afford aluminum room divider suppliers, portable mobile screen partitions, folding room divider can create your own space, and heavy-duty room dividers with push and pull is strong and sturdy resistant. Whether your space, we have different options,help you provide the best solution at a profitable price.

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Personalised Room Partitions

Want to quickly create your separate private space,anywhere? Strongbird can provide flexible space solutions for your demands. Customised with any colour or printed logo to suit the style, ensures your office layout is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

For increased office collaboration and creation, fabric panels can be used with thumbtack or clips to hold files, also customisable double sided whiteboard screen partitions in size, material and colour,etc.

Fully Folded Panels

Strongbird folding room dividers screens can freely rotatable, all-round dividing space. Retractable rotating hinges, sliding universal wheels help you to quickly create various functional areas.

The panels can be fully folded and all-round rotating to cutting down on sound. With simple assembly, easily create your exclusive and private spaces anywhere.

Portable Divide Any Spaces

Strongbird portable divider screen can 180° rotation to flat wall or 180° folding. Several independent panels are interconnected and rotate individually, infinitely extendable panel,flexible movement and adjustment on universal wheels.

We will offer you unbeatable prices to quickly separated different space layouts.


Create Your Space,Anywhere? We’re here to help!

Strongbird-Portable Room Divider for Commercial or Office

Office layouts can have an impact on the working environment and use free-standing mobile screen for privacy can adequately solve this problem. It’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways, flexible and install easily,suitable for a wide range of locations. Able to offer enough private working space,reduce acoustic disturbance,and also helps to improve efficiency.

Benefits of Using Office Partitions

Office partitions, also known as office screens, office room dividers or partition wall,is a way of decorating and dividing an office or commercial space.
Compared with fixed screens, mobile office dividers are flexible and easily move,often used to divide different work areas in the office or to create a private space for staff.
Different panels can also be used to post memos, pictures and other important documents, providing additional convenience for work.

How to Choose the Right Divider System for Your Office?

Not only that, divider layout for office needs to consider various factors, according to the workflow and space needs of different departments,reasonably divide the office area, such as meeting rooms, rest areas, personal work areas, etc.
Consider first the company’s business model,open plan working environment dividers with lower walls to promote more communication.Conversely,free standing office partitions can be increased in panel height,to ensure employees have enough private space and to reduce distractions and noise.
For adapt to office future changes and needs, divider wall should have the flexibility. Sliding mobile room dividers are the most versatile partitions and can fit any layout. Moreover, quick adjustment and reconfiguration with the universal wheel,to avoid the cost and hassle of carrying out extensive renovations.
Create walking spaces by increasing or decreasing the number of panels,depending on the working area of the department or team.Customisable to the overall design and style of the office, enhancing the ambience of the office working environment.

Not Sure Which Partitions System to Choose?

In conclusion, Strongbird has the widest range of portable screen partitions, custom made in a variety of styles, colours, materials, length and printed logos. Our divider partition is made of stain-resistant and easily cleaned fabric panels, durable aluminium frame,aluminium wide caster legs to ensure to ensure stability and durability. strongbird can meet every need,contact us right now to learn more.

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Strongbird supplies high-grade room divider solutions at profitable price. We are available and ready to help!

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