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Strongbird Mobile Portable Room Wall Dividers

Lacking privacy in your room? Lack of defined space? Want to maximize your space? Strongbird can solve your home or office space problems, portable room dividers are sturdy and light-weight, to create your own space has never been easier. Now only needs add favorite products to your shopping cart and order online,we’ll fast ship in the USA!

Strongbird portable divider screens with endless possibilities for every space. Panels with stable longer length legs and lockable universal wheels, and fixed connection buckles between them. Create a longer privacy wall with single screen connected to other panels, for flexibility to create space whenever and wherever you need. Options for widths, heights, colors and styles to help realize your space design idea.

Portable Walls Products

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strongbird_light grey portable room dividers on wheels

Strongbird® Portable Room Divider on Locking Wheels, Fabric Panels

$329.00 – $769.99

strongbird folding screens room dividers beige for home

Strongbird® Folding Screens Room Dividers, 10’6″ x 6’7″, 5 Fabric Panels


strongbird_custom page

Strongbird® Custom Room Divider Design

$100.00 – $699.99

Strongbird Portable Room Dividers Features

Strongbird partition walls are available in two types: Portable & Folding. Product is sturdy and durable, and no extra shipping fee. It has also received real feedback from many customers.

strongbird portable room divider features diagram
strongbird portable room divider reviews
  • Eco-friendly fabric screen panels with aluminum frame to make sure sturdy and durable.
  • Our each panel has connection buckles on the top and bottom floor-standing wheel to easily move anywhere.
  • Each package contains extra connection pieces,movable portable partition panels can ofunlimited extension.
  • folding room divider panel can be completely folded and stored in the corner when not in use.

What Is The Best Portable Room Dividers ?

Mobile screen partition is a modern office space solution,usually consists of a series of separate screen panels, can be moved and arranged freely as needed. Our partitions wall are made of superior-quality materials. A simpler and more economical solution designed to rapidly and effectively separate arge temporary areas.

Versatility is suitable for different places, such as home,living room,bedroom,restaurant, office,conference,commercial,school classroom,health & hospital,art galleries & museums,churches & religious,etc. And protect privacy while suiting to style, portable partitions easily reconfigure your space.

Benefits of Strongbird Portable Room Dividers

– multipurpose space division solutions for adapt to changes

flexible dividing

Diversified layout – flexible dividing

Mobile room divider screens separate one large space into multiple smaller ones, or combine several small ones into one large one, as needed.

More efficiency space utilization, free adjustment and flexible divide space to various layout methods as straight , curves, L-shaped, U-shaped, etc.

Users can easily adjust the position and layout of partition screen to suit new use or scene while the room functional needs changes.

Save time and cost

Compared to traditional fixed partition walls, portable room divider can be reconfigured to separate different spaces anytime without expensive demolition and reconstruction.

Portable divider wall usually modular design, users can simply and fast complete installation and removal steps by themselves.

Daily maintenance of screen panels no need to redecorate or renovate the entire space, is also a simple operation and reducing time and cost input.

save time and cost
space customization

Individualized space customization

Portable divider wall create different temporary space layouts by combining and splitting,connect together panels to form long walls or partition walls,also as single free-standing partition.

Diversified design, with different foldable angles,different height, width, color and style options to suit different decoration styles and space freedom.

Move at any time

Movable room dividers usually quickly adapt to changes in space by wheels, whether in an office, commercial or home space, partition screens can be easily moved from one location to a different one by simply moving the screen, without heavy lifting or tedious work.

Users can adjust and rearrange the screen position at any time according to true needs.

move at any time

Problem Solve Your Space with Strongbird Portable Room Dividers

Strongbird’s portable room partitions can solve various problems that people face in offices, living spaces, and public places, such as space separation, sound blocking, and privacy protection. Lets you create spaces anytime, anywhere, ideal for temporary or short-term use.

Movable wall dividers are nice and versatile. The panel material is fabric with a certain thickness,reusable felt panels add more convenience such as displaying artwork, photos, students’ beautiful projects, posting signs and notes using pushpins, and more.when not in use, it can easily be folded up and stored until the next time it’s needed.

How Does Portable Room Dividers Work?

Private space creation for indoor

Organizing an open plan living space? Separate the living room from restaurant to create free-standing area of dining , rest and entertainment;

Separate study room from bedroom to build a private work space or temporarily video conferencing backdrop, add partitions to the guest room when personal privacy is needed for entertaining guests. Portable room dividers can make this partitioning need quick and easy for you.

portable room dividers for office
strongbird_beige room divider panel

Mobile privacy divider screen for events

In a large open room, had a need to block off part of the room to prevent distractions from temporary activities in that room.
easy to place and move around during art events,it completely changes the flow of the room, adds a touch of class as our decorative backdrop. Portable room dividers can divide relatively private and quiet space while increasing the overall aesthetics of the space.

Temporary space background

Enjoy gathering parties on the patio, holiday celebration, portable room dividers work well to isolate the outside view, block some extra equipment, and easily create a mobile independent privacy space. Add decorative elements on fabric panels to create a pleasant event atmosphere.

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How to Divide Office Space with Portable Room Dividers?

An open-plan office is a work area without walls or partitions where employees work in a shared space. Lack of personal privacy, other noise and distractions, inability to focus on work, no designated areas for multiple teams to work on different projects, etc. By dividing your workspace, you can have a quiet work area, creating a work environment that is more efficient and comfortable for different work needs.

Mobile portable walls allow for flexible adjustment and placement for different work needs and office space size. Consider your employees’ personal privacy and teamwork needs, as well as ensuring the layout doesn’t impede workflow and communication. Panels on wheels help you quickly create areas for quiet discussions in your workspace.

Communicate and Collaborate

Must be separated from other workplaces for certain activities and requires soundproofing to keep work quiet. Divide office to create separate spaces for clear communication and collaboration with team members without distractions.

Clear Functions

Differing work demands divide the office space into different areas, such as meeting areas, work areas and rest areas, to provide a more orderly and organized work environment. Draw a clear boundary between relaxation and work, relax break room can help employees regroup, separate office space to get back into work mode as quickly as possible.

strongbird_white screen panel
Strongbird_black partition_room divider

Safety Protection

Employees at work handle sensitive information, and private document and account protection in the workplace is critical. Divide the office space to create a private working environment, manage the use of resources, and protect yourself from prying eyes during interviews, meetings, and business negotiations.

How Long Can Mobile Portable Room Dividers Last?

The lifespan of a portable room divider can vary depending on a number of factors, including material quality, frequency of use, and maintenance. Typically, high-quality portable divider wall can last 5 to 10 years or more, provided they are properly maintained. Portable partitions made of sturdy materials, such as aluminum alloy, will last longer than lightweight fabric or film partitions.


What are the different types of strongbird room dividers?

We have folding divider screens,mobile room dividers,decorative partition screens, etc., available in a variety of colours, sizes to suit a variety of interior design themes.

Is shipping free for my US order?

Yes, for US orders, we ship from our warehouses in the USA with free standard delivery. Place online order now and enjoy our partition screens!

Are portable room dividers right for my budget?

Strongbird high-quality, affordable room dividers are the perfect choice. Re-use portable divider wall can solve different space issue,save time and cost for you without long-term construction projects.

Can I use portable partitions outdoors?

Yes, suitable as a holiday party background in the courtyard, garden, roof terrace, pool, etc., to do your own various decoration ideas.

Can I place order for custom portable room divider?

Yes, we do custom sizes, color for portable room partitions.Custom logo printing is also very nice option, if you want to fit brand image.
Whatever troubles you facing ,our team is here to help,please be sure to contact to learn more.

How to maintain and clean portable room dividers?

Maintaining portable room dividers is easy. Regular dusting and wiping with a soft cloth or mild cleaning solution are usually sufficient to keep them clean. Avoid using harsh chemicals that may damage the frame or panels.

What are portable room dividers?

Portable room dividers are a practical and flexible instant space solution for dividing large spaces in offices, classrooms, medical facilities, retail stores, conference centers and more, easily adapting to your changing needs.

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