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What Is a Room Divider Called


Room dividers are known as partition or divider wall, sometimes also called privacy dividers screen, partition panel, room separator, space barrier,etc.

Room divider is to separate the entire space into multiple independent rooms or areas to maximize space benefits and functional partitions as needed. there are many types of partition walls and materials.

What Is a Room Divider?

A room divider is a type of partition wall, a portable or modular or screen, also as a decorative screen, to create separate areas within a larger space or visually divide a room into different sections.

However, portable partitions are low-cost without building walls, are an affordable and practical solution. They are one of the simplest partition systems to help reorganize and optimize room space. Foldable wall panels and easy to move, they are not permanent walls and are ideal for temporary, freestanding privacy spaces.

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What Types of Room Dividers Are Available?


Room dividers come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials such as fabric, wood, metal, polycarbonate, canvas or glass. Each material has its own benefits and suitable environments.

And our thickened felt board partitions, a high-density material that is opaque for greater privacy and also less sound absorption. Perfect for creating separations while still maintaining the open feel of the building.

Installation Method

Room dividers are available in a variety of types, such as hanging, sliding, fixed, retractable, etc. Different installation design from permanent fixed to removable.

And our portable partitions are accordion-style, highly flexible, may be fixed without wheels, or on casters for rolling and easy to adjust and store via moving. Keep reading for more!

Where can room dividers be used?

Room dividers are very versatile for various places, as home, office, restaurant, hotel, studio, educational institution, event venues, retail store, library and museum, and more. It can maximize use of space and provide indoor visual comfort by blocking light partially or completely.

  • For residential, partition walls can enhance home effect in balcony, terrace, garden or separate room.
  • For retail stores, define different parts of the store and as a visual merchandiser to display products.
  • For private to easily provide additional space such as a separate study area, reading nook or temporary exhibition.
  • For open plan apartments and shared living spaces, you can designate different areas for different activities, add room visual interest, texture, and style with Intricate patterns, artistic designs, or unique materials.
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Not sure what partition walls you need?

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